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2010-08-17 Presentation submission available
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2010-08-17 Experience the quality of your samples with new course microscopes from Carl Zeiss
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ELEMENTS 5 talks at IMA2010

Elements - An International Magazine of Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Petrology is published bimonthly by 15 international and national societies.

In 2010, ELEMENTS magazine celebrates its 5th anniversary. The International Mineralogical Association pays tribute to the great service ELEMENTS has given to the international mineral sciences-related community by offering six IMA2010 plenary talks (ELEMENTS5 talks) on topics representing some of the most exciting and popular themes of the past ELEMENTS issues.

The first issue of ELEMENTS was published in January 2005, and since then the magazine has been filling a gap in mineral sciences in a very professional and attractive way. Due to the effort of the founding, principal and managing editors, during the past five years 30 issues have been published (187 thematic articles, 2054 pages).

Elements 5 talks are scheduled every day, from Sunday (Aug. 22) to Friday (Aug. 27)
(for a general overview, see the IMA2010 Plenary and Elements5 talks timetable)

Timing, speakers and titles:

Sun 22nd, 15.20-16.00

Phosphates and Global Sustainability Eva Valsami-Jones: Phosphates and global sustainability
April 2008 | v.4 issue 2: Phosphates and Global Sustainability

Mon 23rd , 12.20-13.00

Rod Ewing: 'Back-end' of the nuclear fuel cycle: Role of mineralogy in the safe management of radioactive waste
December 2006 | v.2 issue 6: The Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Environmental Aspects

Tues 24th, 12.20-13.00

Zircon: Tiny but  Timely Nigel Kelly: Zircon - more than just a chronometer
February 2007 | v.3 issue 1: Zircon: Tiny but Timely

Wed 25th, 12.20-13.00

Mineral Magnetism: From Microbes to Meteorites Mihály Pósfai: Biomineral attractions: magnets in organisms
August 2009 | v.5 issue 4: Mineral Magnetism: From Microbes to Meteorites

Thurs 26th, 12.20-13.00

Medical  Mineralogy and Geochemistry Nita Sahai: Mechanisms of cellular and biomacromolecular interactions with minerals in humans and animals
December 2007 | v.3 issue 6: Medical Mineralogy and Geochemistry

Fri 27th, 12.20-13.00

Nanogeoscience Glenn Waychunas: Mineralogy and Geochemistry at lower dimensionality: mineral - water interfaces and nanoparticles
December 2008 | v.4 issue 6: Nanogeoscience