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2010-08-23 IMA2010 Conference News
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2010-08-17 Presentation submission available
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2010-08-17 Please donate mineral, rock, and ore specimens to the Eötvös Museum of Natural History
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2010-08-17 Experience the quality of your samples with new course microscopes from Carl Zeiss
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GM70G: General and specific mineralogy (general session)
Convenors: Sergey V. KRIVOVICHEV, Mihály PÓSFAI, Björn WINKLER

GM71: From the protoplanetary disc to lower mantle: Celebrating 170 years of perovskite research (session dedicated to Roger H. Mitchell)
Keynote: Roger MITCHELL, Kei HIROSE, Invited: Sang-Heon SHIM
Brief description of the session:
This session will address the recent progress in the understanding of perovskite and related structures and their role in protoplanetary and planetary evolution processes.
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GM72: Accessory minerals: Tracers of magmatic and metamorphic evolution
Convenors: Friedrich FINGER, Igor BROSKA
Keynote: Daniel HARLOV
Brief description of the session:
Contributions on distribution, composition, dating, and thermometry of accessory minerals from different magmatic and metamorphic environment with application of these minor mineral phases for interpretation and deciphering of geotectonic processes.
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GM73: Cave minerals
Bogdan ONAC, Paolo FORTI
Keynote: Paolo FORTI
Brief description of the session:
Recent studies on cave minerals provided invaluable insight into the chemical and physical conditions existing within various cave environments. This symposium focuses on the processes producing cave minerals and their contextual significance in geological studies.
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GM74: Boron minerals, geochemistry and isotopes: What do they tell us about geologic processes?
Edward S. GREW, Milan NOVÁK, Pavel UHER
Horst MARSCHALL, Invited: Lee GROAT, Darrell HENRY
Brief description of the session:
The 240 known minerals containing essential boron are found in a wide variety of sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous environments. We invite contributions presenting new developments in studies of boron minerals and their crystal structure, boron geochemistry and boron isotope geochemistry.
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GM75: New minerals, nomenclature and classification
Convenors: Peter A. WILLIAMS (IMA-CNMNC), Frédéric HATERT, Marco PASERO
Keynote: Stuart MILLS, Invited: Anthony R. KAMPF
Sponsored by: IMA Commission on New Minerals, Nomenclature and Classification (IMA-CNMNC)
Brief description of the session:
This session will address current nomenclature and classification issues in mineralogy. Examples will be drawn from recently described new species and modifications to existing nomenclature. New methods for mineral characterization will be addressed.
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GM76C9: Non-phyllosilicate clays
Convenors: Viktória KIS, Helge STANJEK
Brief description of the session:
The session focuses on: physical, chemical, colloidal and structural properties of non-phyllosilicate clay minerals such as (Fe-Mn) oxi-hydroxides, amorphous silica and aluminosilicates (including palygorskite-sepiolite group as well); occurrence in soils, sediments, and extraterrestrial environments; biological and chemical interactions; agricultural and environmental aspects; preparation and analytical techniques.
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