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2010-08-23 IMA2010 Conference News
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2010-08-17 Presentation submission available
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2010-08-17 Please donate mineral, rock, and ore specimens to the Eötvös Museum of Natural History
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2010-08-17 Experience the quality of your samples with new course microscopes from Carl Zeiss
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AM10G: Applied mineralogy, Materials science (general session)
: Georges CALAS, Eric PIRARD, Andreas LÜTTGE
Sponsored by:
IMA Commission on Applied Mineralogy (IMA-CAM)

AM11: Gem materials: Origins, properties, and new analytical challenges
Keynote: Thomas HAINSCHWANG, Invited: Dorrit JACOB, Thomas STACHEL
Sponsored by:
IMA Commission on Gem Materials (IMA-CGM)
Brief description of the session:

This session covers the fields of natural formation and synthesis of gems; relationships of their crystal structure, chemical composition, and physical properties; and new experimental developments and applications of modern analytical techniques to gem materials
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Participant sponsors of the session:


AM12: Structure and properties of silicate glasses and melts: From laboratory to volcanic activities
Convenors: Daniel R. NEUVILLE (IMA-CPM), Grant S. HENDERSON
Keynote: Georges CALAS
Sponsored by: IMA Commission on Physics of Minerals (IMA-CPM)
Brief description of the session:
This session brings together the latest reports on structures and properties of silicate glasses and melts, which are indispensable for quantitative descriptions of glass making and magmatic processes and modelling of differentiation of the Earth.
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AM14: Zeolites and porous materials
: Reinhard X. FISCHER, Anna BIENIOK
Brief description of the session:

This session covers both synthetic and natural zeolites and porous materials as well as their utilization, synthesis, properties, and occurrence with an emphasis on crystal chemical properties.
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AM15: Gas storage in minerals: Experimental and field studies
Convenors: Pilar MATA, Stephen GUGGENHEIM
Keynote: Helge STANJEK
Brief description of the session:
How minerals react with gases, such as CH4 and CO2, have important implications for climate change and for the economic potential of energy resources.
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AM16: Chemical degradation kinetics of cementitious materials: Application to the durability of hydrated cement and concrete
Convenors: Jordi CAMA, Josep M. SOLER, Ignasi CASANOVA
Brief description of the session:
The session focuses on studies (experiments and modeling) concerning the degradation of hydrated cement - concrete and the reaction kinetics of constituent phases. Kinetic aspects are in many cases not well known (e.g. C-S-H, hydrogarnet, ettringite, monosulfate).
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AM17: Corrosion: From biofouling to mineral weathering
Convenors: Andreas LÜTTGE, Dana POP
Keynote: Cornelius FISCHER
Sponsored by: The National Corrosion Center (NCC)
Brief description of the session:
This session addresses the fundamental questions of corrosion in a broad perspective. What are the reaction mechanisms? How can surfaces processes be understood and corrosion be quantified? How can we develop protective coatings and “intelligent” inhibitors? What is the role of nanotechnology in this field? What are the challenges that microbially induced corrosion (MIC) provides?

The National Corrosion Center (NCC)


AM18C2: Colloidal properties and surface chemistry of clays
Convenors: Etelka TOMBÁCZ, Juan CORNEJO
Invited: Juan CORNEJO
Brief description of the session:
The session will focus on: surface characterization and modification; particle interactions (dispersion, aggregation), rheology (thixotropic and elastic properties); reactivity and adsorption in the environment and technology (organic molecules, various cations, dyes, pesticides, toxic, hazardous materials), pillared clays and nanocomposites.
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AM19C5: Interfacial phenomena of clay minerals: Adsorption, intercalation and nanohybrid materials
Convenors: Imre DÉKÁNY, Peter KOMADEL
Brief description of the session:
The main topics addressed by this session refer to: adsorption of surfactants, polyelectrolites and polymers on layered and chain silicates and double layer hydroxides; intercalation of molecules, polymers, biopolymers and nanoparticles in layered structures; surface functionalization, adsorption at solid-gas, solid-liquid interfaces and wetting properties.
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