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2010-08-23 IMA2010 Conference News
2010-08-18 Lunches on IMA2010
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2010-08-17 Presentation submission available
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2010-08-17 Please donate mineral, rock, and ore specimens to the Eötvös Museum of Natural History
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2010-08-17 Experience the quality of your samples with new course microscopes from Carl Zeiss
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2010-08-17 Detailed itinerary of field trips were posted
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2010-07-15 Optional Programmes information available on the website!
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Final Oral Programme

North Building            (Jump to South Building)

(applied mineralogy, economic geology, petrology, geochemistry)

23rd of August (Monday) (Presentation codes: 1NA_ _ - 1NF_ _)

DE45 Fluids in the Earth
Economic geology (general session)
GM74 Boron minerals, geochemistry, isotopes
MA95 Geo / Thermochronology
MA96 Imaging techniques
GP81 Volcanoes: The mineral factory
DE44 Diamond crystallization under natural and experimental conditions


24th of August (Tuesday) (Presentation codes: 2NA_ _ - 2NF_ _)

MA92 Mineral spectroscopy
MA94 Neutron techniques
Mineral deposits in terrestrial volcanic-hydrothermal systems
GM71 Perovskite research
Accessory Minerals
PL121 Meteorites / shock metamorphism
PL125 Nano-diamonds
GP86/1 Pegmatites: From gemstones to cell phones
GP80G Geochemistry / Petrology (general session)


25th of August (Wednesday) (Presentation codes: 3NA_ _ - 3NF_ _)

DE43 "Water" in nominally anhydrous minerals
MA91 Advanced TEM
EG51/1 Crustal fluids and gold
GM72/2 Accessory minerals
DE41/1 Mineralogy of the Deep Earth
DE46 UHP metamorphism and deep subduction
Pegmatites: From gemstones to cell phones
GP82/1 Alkaline rocks / kimberlites / carbonatites
EG52 Platinum group minerals


26th of August (Thursday) (Presentation codes: 4NA_ _ - 4NF_ _)

MA93 Synchrotron radiation
Crustal fluids and gold
GM70G General and specific mineralogy
DE41/2 Mineralogy of the Deep Earth
DE42 Planetary cores
GP85 Jadeites and subduction
GP82/2 Alkaline rocks / kimberlites / carbonatites
EG53 Geo-metallurgy / Process mineralogy


27th of August (Friday) (Presentation codes: 5NA_ _ - 5ND_ _)

GP83 Ophiolites
GM75 New minerals, nomenclature and classification
EG55 Mineral deposits of Africa
PL123 Cometary and stellar mineralogy
Minerals in meteorites / First solids

South Building            (Jump to North Building)

(general mineralogy, environmental mineralogy, historical mineralogy, bio-mineralogy)

23rd of August (Monday) (Presentation codes: 1SA_ _ - 1SF_ _)

AM17 Corrosion / biofouling
AM14 Zeolites and porous materials
EM60G Environmental / Bio-mineralogy, Health (general session)
EM64 Bio-minerals / biomaterials
EM61/1 Mine wastes / contamin. soil
MC101 Bond topology in complex structures
MH111 History
MH112 Mineral beauty
EM63 Nuclear fuel cycle: mineralogy / geochemistry
TH131 Reaction kinetics / rock micro-structure, texture and micro-chemistry
TH135/1 Interactions between solids and aqueous solutions


24th of August (Tuesday) (Presentation codes: 2SA_ _ - 2SF_ _)

AM10G Applied mineralogy / Materials science (general)
EM61/2 Mine wastes / contaminated soil
EM65/1 Interactions between microorganisms and minerals
Mineralogical crystallography (general)
AM15 Gas storage in minerals
EM62 Contaminated land / sustainable remediation
MH110G Mineral museums / Historical mineralogy
TH136/1 Mineral growth
TH135/2 Solids - aqueous solutions interactions


25th of August (Wednesday) (Presentation codes: 3SA_ _ - 3SG_ _)

CH30G/1 Archaeometry
EM65/2 Interactions between microorganisms and minerals 2
TM141G/2 Teaching
Advanced instrumental
MC102 Modularity and modulation in minerals
GP87C3/1 Geo-logy of clays
TH132 Thermodynamic behavior of Earth materials
EM64 Bio minerals / biomaterials
AM11 Gem materials: Origins, properties...
TH136/2 Mineral growth
TH137 Nanoparticles: Structure, properties, reactivity
AM16 Cementitious materials
GM73 Cave minerals
AM12/1 Silicate glasses / melts


26th of August (Thursday) (Presentation codes: 4SA_ _ - 4SF_ _)

CH30G/2 Archaeometry
TM141G/3 Teaching
AM18C2 Colloidal properties / surface chemistry of clays
Advanced instrumental techniques in clay science
MC103C1 Crystal chemistry / structure of clay- / layered minerals
GP87C3/2 Geology of clays
EG56C4 Industrial clay deposits
EG57C14 Clays in oil and gas industry
CH31 Monument preservation
TH134 Structure-property relations of minerals from atomistic models
TH138C11 Clays at non-ambient conditions
TH139C12 Fabric anisotropy and its influence on physical properties


27th of August (Friday) (Presentation codes: 5SA_ _ - 5SF_ _)

EM66C6 Clays related to environment and health
AM19C5 Interfacial phenomena of clay minerals
GM76C9 Non-phyllosilicate clays
Geology of clays
GP88C8 Weathering, soils and paleosol clays
C20G Clay (general session)
AM12/2 Silicate glasses/melts
XO142G Open session
EM67C13 Clay minerals and bio-molecules: From the origin of life to advanced