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Recent updates

2010-08-23 IMA2010 Conference News
2010-08-18 Lunches on IMA2010
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2010-08-17 Presentation submission available
If you would like to send your presentation prior to the meeting to Budapest, please send it by e-mail to Robert Hohol
2010-08-17 Please donate mineral, rock, and ore specimens to the Eötvös Museum of Natural History
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2010-08-17 Experience the quality of your samples with new course microscopes from Carl Zeiss
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2010-08-17 Detailed itinerary of field trips were posted
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2010-07-15 Optional Programmes information available on the website!
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Visa and customs information

Customs information for Hungary

Hungary has joined the European Union in May 1, 2004. Since that date Hungary has adopted the customs regulation of the European Union. Detailed information about travel documents and customs can be found in this booklet published by the Hungarian Customs and Finance Guard, providing useful information for tourists travelling within the European Union or travelling from a non-community country (third country) to any Member State of the European Union. For further information about the custom procedures, please consult the homepage of the Hungarian customs authority:

Visa information for Hungary

Hungary is part of the Schengen Area of 25 European countries. For non-Schengen EU, USA and Canadian citizens a valid passport is sufficient to enter Hungary. Citizens of other countries should check whether visa is needed for them when entering Hungary (for more information please visit the home page of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Hungary). On request the International Organising Committee (IOC) will issue invitation letters for visa applications. Please apply in due time for a visa if necessary. Please indicate during the registration if you need a personal invitation to attend the conference. It is important to note that a visa is only a preliminary permission for entry, which does not authorise its bearer automatically to enter the country.

Visa information for the field trips

Field trip participants may find visa information about the countries to be visited on the links given below

AT Austria (EU member, Schengen country)

BG Bulgaria (EU member country)

CZ Czech Republic (EU member, Schengen country)

HR Croatia

HU Hungary (EU member, Schengen country)

PL Poland (EU member, Schengen country)

RO Romania (EU member country)

RS Serbia

SI Slovenia (EU member, Schengen country)

SK Slovakia (EU member, Schengen country)

Please note that the organisers disclaim any liability for damages arising from the lack of the necessary visa or another document of a conference participant or accompanying person.