RS1 - Ophiolites of the Dinarides and the Vardar Zone: Central and West Serbia

Leaders: Nada Vasković (Belgrade University,, Kristina Resimić-Šarić (Belgrade University), Vladica Cvetković (Belgrade University), Danica Srećković-Batoćanin (Belgrade University)

Practical information:
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Pre-conference: 15.08.2010 Belgrade (RS) - 19.08.2010 Belgrade (RS) / 20.08.2010 Budapest (HU)
  • Length: 1500 km
  • Min. number of participants: 5
  • Max. number of participants: 20
  • Field trip registration fee
    • Student/young scientist: EUR 80
    • Normal: EUR 150
  • Accommodation and meals cost: EUR 210
  • Demands: No special physical or other demands, normal field trip equipment is recommended.
  • Means of transport: bus / van
  • Accommodation: Double room
    (for single possibilities contact Robert Hohol)
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Photo: Pillow lavas, Korsumlija (RS)
Pillow lavas, Korsumlija (RS)

Scientific focus (keywords): igneous petrology; Vardar Zone Ophiolite Belt; Dinaride Ophiolite Belt; mantle peridotite; mid-ocean ridge; supra-subduction zone; Balkan Peninsula; medieval monuments; traditional architecture of Serbia

Photo: Djurdjevi Monastery (RS) The Serbian part of the Balkan Peninsula represents an interesting area for observation of tectonic processes related to Mesozoic Tethyan ophiolite as well its genesis and emplacement. The excursion gives an integral insight to the Vardar and Dinaride Ophiolite Belt and associated tectonic units, the Kopaonik Block and Ridge unit (KBRU) and the Drina-Ivanjica unit (DIU), and explains tectonic processes; e.g. rifting, seafloor spreading, subduction and collision in the region. The excursion route will pass through the The Main Vardar Zone Ophiolite Belt (MVB) with harzburgite serpentinites (Mt. Avala), pillow lavas and sheeted dyke complex (Stanovi), diabases (Prevešt), harzburgites, serpentinites (Vrnjci, Ribnica) and continue along its western and eastern flanks with harzburgites, serpentinites, pyroxenites, diabases and metamorphic sole (amphibolites) passing through the KBRU, a continental fragment (terrane) that rifted from the DIU during the Upper Triassic. Profiles within the Vardar Zone Western Belt and the Dinaride Ophiolite Belt (peridotite-dunite-harzburgite, mantle tectonite ultramafics, gabbro, intact HTP metamorphic sole, diabases, MOR-type basalt, pillow lavas, mélange, known as the Dinaride olistostrome) will also give a representative overview on a supra-subduction zone and tectonically emplaced sub-continental mantle. A visit of Sopoćani and Studenica (UNESCO World Heritage Sites) and Mileševa, medieval orthodox monasteries and the ethno-village Mokra gora (Šagran) will provide a unique cultural experience.
Djurdjevi Monastery (RS)

Daily programme:

Day 0 (14 Aug): Arrival to Belgrade and accommodation in hotels in downtown

Day 1 (15 Aug): Belgrade - Bubanj Potok, Mt. Avala: serpentinised harzburgite (field stop 1. EVZ) - Paraćin - Prevešt: ophiolitic massif of Ždraljica, sheeted dyke complex (field stop 2. EVZ) - Trstenik - Kruševac - Blace - Kuršumlija: Granites (field stop 3. EVZ) - Žuč: Kuršumlija ophiolitic massif, pillow basalts (field stop 4. EVZ) - Brus: serpentinised harzburgites on the eastern slopes of Mt. Kopaonik (field stop 5. KU) - Brzeće - Kopaonik holiday resort: accommodation

Day 2 (16 Aug): Kopaonik - Jaram: contact metamorphosed rocks (field stop 6. KU) - Suvo Rudište: skarn-related magnetite ore deposit (field stop 7. KU) - Jošanička Banja: granodiorite rocks of the Mount Kopaonik (field stop 8. KU); Mid- to Late Triassic low metamorphic rocks (field stop 9. KU) - Biljanovac - Ušće - Studenica: Studenica sequence (field stop 10. KU); Monastery Studenica (field stop 11.) - Kopaonik holiday resort: accommodation

Day 3 (17 Aug): Kopaonik - Jošanička Banja - Biljanovac - Brvenik: Oligocene andesites, Šumnik Quarry (field stop 12. WVZ) - Raška, Trnava ultramafic massif and mélange: mélange and fine-grained gabbro block (field stop 13. WVZ); gabbros, serpentinites and mélange (field stop 14. WVZ); pillow basalts and mélange (field stop 15. WVZ) - Novi Pazar: Church of St. Peter and Đurđevi Stupovi Monastery (field stop 16.)  - Sopoćani: Sopoćani Monastery (field stop 17.) - Dojeviće - Osaonica: Paleozoic low grade metamorphic rocks  (field stop 18. DIU) - Sjenica: chert and albite granite olistoliths (field stop 19. DOB) - Krš Gradac: olistostrome mélange (field stop 20. DOB) - Nova Varoš: accommodation

Photo: Folded chert deposit, Mileševa (RS)
Folded chert deposit, Mileševa (RS)

Day 4 (18 Aug): Nova Varoš - Bistrica: subcontinental ophiolite and metamorphic sequence (field stop 21. DOB); Olistostrome mélange, basaltic breccia olistolith and Triassic "Bódvalenke-type" red, bedded, cherty limestone olistolith (field stop 22. DOB) - Mileševa: Mileševa Monastery and the Mileševa mélange (field stop 23.) - Bistrica: Pillow lavas of Bistrica and olistolith overlying mélange (Zlatibor Mts., field stop 24. DOB) - Dobroselica: Zlatibor ophiolite massif, the window of Dobroselica (field stop 25. DOB) - Vodice: Zlatibor ophiolite massif: lherzolites (field stop 26. DOB) - Ljubiš -Sirogojno: ethno-village (field stop 27.) - Čajetina, Zlatibor ophiolite massif: magnesite veins (field stop 28. DOB); contact metamorphic aureole beneath the massif within the amphibolites (field stop 29. DOB) - Zlatibor holiday resort: accommodation

Day 5 (19 Aug): Zlatibor - Drvengrad: ethno-village (field stop 30.) - Kalenić: Late Paleozoic terrigenous metasedimentary rocks (field stop 31. DIU) - Ržana - Divčibare: Maljen ultramafic massif: layered harzburgite (field stop 32. WVZ) - Kaona: Maljen ultramafic massif, ultramafic cumulates, feldspar peridotites (field stop 33. WVZ) - Bukovi: Maljen ultramafic massif: Sheeted dyke complex (Bukovi Quarry, field stop 34. WVZ) - Valjevo - Lajkovac - Lazarevac - ending in Belgrade: accommodation or departure to Budapest

Abbreviations: DIU - Drina-Ivanjica Unit, DOB - Dinaride Ophiolite Belt, EVZ - Eastern Vardar Zone,  KU - Kopaonik Unit, WVZ - Western Vardar Zone

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Map of the field trip with the key locations:

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