CZ3 - Příbram and Kutná Hora mining districts - from historical mining to recent environmental impact

Leaders: Vojtěch Ettler (Charles University, Prague,, Jiří Sejkora (National Museum, Prague), Josef Zeman (Masaryk University, Brno), Jan Pašava (Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (SGA) and Czech Geological Survey, Prague)

Practical information:

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Post-conference: 29.08.2010 Prague (CZ) - 31.08.2010 Prague (CZ)
  • Length: 300 km (excluding Budapest-Prague travel on Day 0)
  • Min. number of participants: 15
  • Max. number of participants:40
  • Field trip registration fee
    • Student/young scientist: EUR 30
    • Normal: EUR 60
  • Accommodation and meals cost: EUR 90
  • Demands: No special physical or other demands, all localities are close to bus parking. Normal field trip equipment is recommended
  • Means of transport: bus / van
  • Accommodation: Double room
    (for single possibilities contact Robert Hohol)
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The gothic Svatá Barbora cathedral, Kutná Hora (CZ)
The gothic Svatá Barbora cathedral, Kutná Hora (CZ)

Scientific focus (keywords): polymetallic ore deposits; ore mineralogy; mining heritage; mineral collecting; metallurgy; environmental impacts; mineralogical exhibitions; medieval monuments

Photo: Bukovskyite from Kutná Hora (CZ)

The Příbram and Kutná Hora ore districts have a long history of mining and smelting of polymetallic ores dating from the Middle Ages. The objectives of this field trip are to visit these sites known for occurrences of numerous mineral species and to discuss the long-term impact of anthropogenic activities related to mining and smelting. The first two days will be devoted to the historical mining town Kutná Hora (Kuttenberg), included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, famous for silver and polymetallic ores, which produced (after the mines closure) large amounts of contaminated mine waters (arsenic concentrations >100 mg/l). The Kaňk ore deposit, ore samples, waste dumps and cleaning technology will be presented. This site is the type locality of kaňkite, bukovskýite, zykaite, orthochamosite and parascorodite. The third day of the field trip will be spent in Příbram, where the group will visit the exhibition related to the historical mining site. The program will continue with the guided visit of the secondary lead smelter with focus on smelting technology, production and dumping of mineral wastes (slags, mattes), flue-gas cleaning and other environmental technologies. The mineralogical collections at Příbram, Kutná Hora and Prague museums will be visited. Visits of the baroque monastery at Svatá Hora (Příbram) and St Barbora's gothic cathedral are planned within the field-trip time schedule.

Bukovskyite from Kutná Hora (CZ)

Daily programme:

Day 0 (28 Aug): transport from Budapest to Prague, accommodation in Prague (not included)

Day 1 (29 Aug): Prague, Faculty of Science, Charles University: visit of the mineralogical collections and the Chlupač Museum of the Earth's History - Kutná Hora: lunch; Museum of Silver Mining: geology and mining history of Kutná Hora; free programme (possible visit of the gothic Svatá Barbora (St. Barbara) cathedral), accommodation

Day 2 (30 Aug): Kutná Hora - Kaňk: visit of the processing plant, mine tailings, acid mine waters; mineral collecting at the dumps (type locality of kaňkite, bukovskýite) - Kutná Hora: lunch; visit of mills and old pyrometallurgical plants around the Vrchlice river (mineral collecting minerals at slag dumps and in the vicinity of the St. Anthony of Padua gallery) - Prague: accommodation, free evening programme

Day 3 (31 Aug): Prague, Charles University: departure - Příbram: visit of the Příbram smelter and nearby dumps; lunch in the smelter canteen; visit of the Příbram museum (mining history, mineralogical collections); mineral collecting on the dumps and visit of the underground galleries - Svatá Hora (near Příbram): Visit of the baroque monastery - Prague, Charles University: arrival

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Photo: Scheelite from Příbram (CZ)
Scheelite from Příbram (CZ)

Map of the field trip with the key locations (or download Kml file for Google Earth):

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