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2010-08-23 IMA2010 Conference News
2010-08-18 Lunches on IMA2010
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2010-08-17 Presentation submission available
If you would like to send your presentation prior to the meeting to Budapest, please send it by e-mail to Robert Hohol
2010-08-17 Please donate mineral, rock, and ore specimens to the Eötvös Museum of Natural History
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2010-08-17 Experience the quality of your samples with new course microscopes from Carl Zeiss
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2010-08-17 Detailed itinerary of field trips were posted
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2010-07-15 Optional Programmes information available on the website!
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Thermo Scientific



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The Mineralogical Society
The Mineralogical Society

E. Schweizerbart Verlagsbuchhandlung
E. Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung


Crystal Maker Software

Auro Science SEG



The IMA2010 organisers invite and expect many exhibitors, sponsors and advertisers from all branches of mineral sciences-related profit-oriented or non-profit institutions for the world conference, which is the largest meeting of its kind in the year 2010. The 81 scientific sessions of IMA2010 cover all the related fields, from high-pressure experiments to clay science, from environmental applications to teaching, from mining to atomic structures as of end of April more than 1600 abstracts and more than 1800 participants from 74 countries are listed in our registration system.


Equipment (both laboratory and field), books, journals, software, models, minerals, stamps, data bases, mineral sciences-related services, laboratories, professional associations, museums, universities, conferences, international projects, teaching-related activities, art, games etc. are welcome in the IMA2010 Exhibition.

The IMA2010 organisers hope that the combination of high quality services and limited prices will be attractive, and that both exhibitors and registered participants will benefit from the IMA2010 Exhibition.

5 special arguments, why to exhibit or advertise in Budapest

1) The target

Participants will represent the largest possible worldwide coverage in mineral sciences. As of end of March, weeks before the end of the registration period, the IMA2010 registration system contains around 1800 registered participants from 74 countries, and more than 1600 abstracts.

2) The space and services

The Danube Riverside Campus of the Eötvös University, a 21st century facility, is spacious and provides all the services exhibitors may need. The Exhibition Area will be placed in a central location of the conference.

3) The meeting's daily schedule (see the overview timetable)

The organisers designed the meeting's daily schedule by taking seriously into account the exhibitors' needs. The daily schedule, with no oral sessions between 1 PM and 4 PM, is ideal for exhibitors for meeting and attracting participants. Though exhibitions can be open daily from 9 AM till 5 PM during the whole conference (6 days), the 3-hour-long period in the middle of the day, without competitive oral sessions offers a unique opportunity for building new connections as well as for completing comprehensive discussions with the customers.

4) Exhibitors' costs

The organisers, by offering minimal prices, are willing to share the consequences of the economical crisis with the profit-oriented companies for encouraging their active presence at the IMA2010 Exhibition. The good accommodation prices in Budapest offered for the IMA2010 participants lower also the cost of the exhibitors.
For non-profit organisations special, reduced prices and also some free services are provided.

5) Exhibiting large or numerous pieces of equipment: Long exhibition period, high quality technical services

The organisers encourage and will assist companies to bring real, running equipment to the exhibition, so as to better serve the real information exchange between scientists and companies.
The Danube Riverside Campus of the Eötvös University, the largest monolithic facility in Hungary hosting all branches of science, can offer all kinds of services your equipment may need (including high energy consumption, liquid nitrogen or liquid helium, dark room, management of biologically active waste etc.).
The central location of Budapest in Europe, the long exhibition period and the companies' right to invite also their non-IMA2010 customers to the IMA2010 Exhibition makes it profitable to transport and install even large equipment and/or full product lines at IMA2010.
It is the organisers' intention to help companies investing more in the transport and installation of equipment by strong price reduction for additional exhibition space.

Overview timetable of the Conference

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