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2010-08-23 IMA2010 Conference News
2010-08-18 Lunches on IMA2010
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2010-08-17 Presentation submission available
If you would like to send your presentation prior to the meeting to Budapest, please send it by e-mail to Robert Hohol
2010-08-17 Please donate mineral, rock, and ore specimens to the Eötvös Museum of Natural History
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2010-08-17 Experience the quality of your samples with new course microscopes from Carl Zeiss
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2010-08-17 Detailed itinerary of field trips were posted
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2010-07-15 Optional Programmes information available on the website!
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Music & sport in IMA2010

Besides the scientific meetings, the IMA2010 Organisers will offer the opportunity to enjoy a whole range of programmes for physical and cultural activities. We do hope to meet you on these unforgettable events.

  • IMA2010 Conference Choir - Come and join!

Motto: Everyone who enjoys singing and joins others in this activity, is a choir singer...

We would like to set up the IMA2010 Conference Choir, and all the conference attendants are invited to participate.

Detailed invitation

We plan to learn three pieces of music, to be performed at the closing ceremony (scheduled at 16.45, 27/08/2010, Friday). You can download the scores of the selected pieces from below as pdf files.

Please send a short notice to Robert Hohol if you want to join that choir, and please indicate also your voice type (If you happened to know... :-) ):

  • Female voices: Soprano, Alto
  • Male voices: Tenor, Bass

Scores - 13th century canon - VIDEO
Scores - German madrigal - VIDEO
Scores - Hungarian folk song - VIDEO1, VIDEO2


Additionally we cordially invite you for a joint short singing on the Opening Ceremony, where another traditional (and easy to learn...) Hungarian folk song will be performed. The title of this song is "Spring wind", in Hungarian "Tavaszi szél" (Please click the title of the song for the video).


  • 23. August, 19:00 - 20:30
  • 25. August, 14:00 - 15:00
  • 27. August, 14:00 - 15:00
The location of the rehearsals will be announced at the information desks at the Converence Venue.
  • Play your instrument for your friends and colleagues!

We encourage also those who play an instrument and want to share their music with the Congress participants in a short (5-15 minutes) informal performance during the breaks and/or poster sessions to announce Robert Hohol.

If you cannot take your own instrument with you and you want to borrow one on-site please let us know.

The musical coordinator of IMA2010 will doing her best in finding a proper insturment for you. (A short piano will permanently be at the conference site.)

  • IMA2010 sport events

The University Athletic Club of Budapest (BEAC) founded in 1898, the sport club of the Eötvös Loránd University is kindly contributing to IMA2010 by organising small scale sport and leisure activities during the conference. IMA2010 participants are kindly invited to participate in or cheers for the sport events.

There will be awarded events (duatlon, running, basketball shooting) and leisure possibilities (table tennis, soccer, tennis).

For all events the registration will be at the Sport Help Desk, connected to the IMA2010 Information Desks. Preregistration is available by e-mail:
Minor changes may occur in the programme, depending on weather and the number of interested participants. For news and changes in the IMA2010sport please consult the Sport Help Desk.