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2010-08-23 IMA2010 Conference News
2010-08-18 Lunches on IMA2010
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2010-08-17 Presentation submission available
If you would like to send your presentation prior to the meeting to Budapest, please send it by e-mail to Robert Hohol
2010-08-17 Please donate mineral, rock, and ore specimens to the Eötvös Museum of Natural History
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2010-08-17 Experience the quality of your samples with new course microscopes from Carl Zeiss
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2010-08-17 Detailed itinerary of field trips were posted
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2010-07-15 Optional Programmes information available on the website!
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Bonds and Bridges: Mineral sciences and their applications

Everything on natural and analogous solid matter and its interactions

Scientific profile

1700 contributions are accepted from all fields of research and education related to mineral sciences and their applications, the latter including artistic and other social approaches as well. The large IMA2010 meeting is organised on a human scale:

  • the number of parallel sessions is limited (12)
  • posters will be on display for longer periods (3 days)

Var Lanchid

Overview timetable of the Conference

Tradition: 50 years of IMA

The International Mineralogical Association (IMA), the oldest international scientific body of mineral sciences, organised its first General Meeting (GM) in 1959. The next meeting of the recently quadrennial world conference series, the twentieth IMA GM, is standing on, and will pay tribute to the solid basis built up by the results of two complete generations of mineral scientists, having met traditionally at IMA GMs.

Geographical bonds and bridges

Though internet demolishes distances, there are still no long term co-operations without personal communication. Researchers of different regions need to meet personally.

The IMA2010 will be a meeting for all continents.

Human generations' bonds and bridges

New paradigms need new generations. New generations need to relate to the past. Generations need to meet personally. At IMA2010 space will be allocated for discussions of small groups. Emphasis will be laid on helping participants with special needs (disabled participant service, child care, rest areas etc.)

The IMA2010 will be a meeting for all generations.

Conference date and venue

August 21 (Saturday) - August 27 (Friday), 2010

The venue of IMA2010, the Danube Riverside Campus (Lágymányos) of the Eötvös University is close to the heart of Budapest. Architectural monuments, museums, shops are easy to reach from here. Budapest, a city of 2 million people along the Danube, offers exciting programmes for visitors. End of August weather is usually mild, pleasant for both field trips and cultural visits. A week in Budapest may give a pleasant tourist experience also to the accompanying guests.

The new campus of the Eötvös L. University, on the riverside of the Danube, Budapest, Hungary

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